steph + javed = staved December 5th, 2010     0

My good friend Stephanie got married to a rad guy called Javed yesterday. It was an amazing wedding in a small town called Catherine Hill Bay. Couldn’t be happier for the two of them. Congratulations!

Steph + Javed = Staved

What about the confetti?!

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Have Bride, will kiss

christina ballerina

Picture Perfect

5 years down October 11th, 2010     0

Rutherglen Money Federation Sky
Captains of Industry Degraves Street
I Wish I Were a Unicorn Palm Sky
Wall-Bot Alley Art

Laura and I have been married for 5 years now. BAM! Next. Instead of buying each other presents we decided to go to Melbourne for the week and kick it. We had too much fun! Tonnes of great coffee, shopping, eating and seeing rad stuff. We got to go to a Tim Burton exhibition while we were down there – if it wasn’t so busy I would have lost my mind.

you and me see elodie August 24th, 2010     0


On the weekend we had a visit from Brad, Edwina and Elodie – 3 months old now.

In other news, Laura and I are having a baby!

and that’s game August 24th, 2010     0

Forest Rangers 2010 Finale Sun Sets On Soccer Season

Soccer season finished for Forest Rangers last week.  A good season … not in the ‘winning games’ sense, but good as in fun.

metropolis August 11th, 2010     0

Metropolis High Rise, Rise High

Took these photos at Town Hall before a meeting.  They remind me of the movie Metropolis.