paul hanna

I am a man … let’s get that out of the way for starters. This is the best photo I have of me:


I found this page on ‘How to write a Profile’ and they listed these headers so I will fill out what is necessary underneath them:


I was born on the 13th June 1982. I grew up in Lugarno – beautfiul little suburb. I attended Lugarno public school, then moved on to Inaburra High School then I was then trained at the ‘Australian Graphic Design and Computer School’. After that I was told to grow up and get a job. I have done so but still feel quite juvenile.

I got married to Laura in September ’05 – that was pretty amazing. I highly recommend it. Getting married that is … not to Laura, she is mine. Get your own wife. Just keep it safe, and keep it legal.


The best things in life are free … give them to the birds and bees (not cause they like giveaways – it is a metaphor). I want the money.


I was always told, “it isn’t quality, it is quantity” … so to make up for my lack of self confidence and social skills I intend to put on heaps of weight so that there is more of me. Then the ratio of problems to body mass won’t seem so large!

Values and Standards:

I value friendships as much as I can and my only standard is: if you sneeze in your hand, wait till I forget about it till you offer me food or any sort of contact greeting.  Thank you.


Here is where I list all the things that will hopefully make me look cool and exotic … yet intelligent.

cool: I play guitar, I listen to heaps of music (I would like to think I have an open mind but really I like stuff with guitars in it), i design things and try and take photographs, I play soccer a bit, I watch a bunch of movies and comedies series.

exotic: … i once jumped out of a plane? I went to Thailand on a ‘wheel of fortune’ prize? I … drink vanilla tea? forget it.

intelligent: n/a.


I don’t really get this one but it reminds me of chess. so, I would say: I would let you attack my porn as I move in on your queen?


well, the future is a funny thing isn’t it. We keep moving into the future, but somehow we aren’t there yet … I mean, where are the friggen hover boards already?!

In the future I am pretty sure I will do all the standard things: have a family, buy a house … stuff like that. I will be excited about that when it happens. Right now I am not sure what the future holds. I guess that is why I created blank.

why blank. ?

I guess I like the idea of new starts. Starts where you can just think “what do I want now?” I love the idea of a blank page … getting ready to create. Getting ready to plan to create. It is a great feeling. There is a lot of freedom in starting again – starting with a blank page.

So, I guess this is all about me just putting up my ideas, my creations, my happenings of the future as they come.

I am pretty sure this is more for me than anyone else. I regularly talk to people and watch them tune out half way through a sentence … and I think, “why the hell would someone visit a page about me and my thoughts?” Good question I thought … bet you that won’t stop me from visiting the stats page 3 times a day.